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Comoros Islands

 July 2 - 11, 2020  | Comoros Island

Off the mainland of Africa, between Madagascar and Tanzania, in the waters of the Indian Ocean, a nation of three islands has been mostly forgotten by the rest of the world. Nearly 800,000 people live on these islands. Most people on the islands have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. They were born into the shadow of Islam and have not had a choice to seek Jesus. There are no churches and only a handful of believers. While the islands seem to burst with life, in reality, the people are desperate to truly live.

An international team of adults and kids have dedicated their lives to seeing people follow Jesus and the church planted. Teams from the Crossing will engage in a mix of activities designed to enhance the work being done and open people’s hearts to what God is doing in Comoros. Those activities, include English Club, where Comorians will practice speaking English, relationship building, leadership development, and strategic prayer.

Dates: July 2 - 11, 2020
Cost: $2800
Focus: Learning & Engagement
Leader: Jake Musselman Ideal For: Ages 18+
Application Deadline: February 1, 2020