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Wedding Reservation

Please provide as much detail as possible. If your wedding will be held at The Crossing, a Christian Church, please read carefully:
Because of the numerous activities and events that take place at The Crossing, weddings are only scheduled during the following times: Fridays and Saturdays before 3pm. Please understand that your preferred date may not be available, and that no wedding date is confirmed until it has been accepted on the church’s master calendar.

  Important Information  

  1. All weddings are scheduled through the church office by calling (702) 947-2080.
  2. All couples being married by a pastor of The Crossing will be expected to attend "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts" *, an ongoing 4-week pre-marital study through The Crossing; or provide evidence that the pre-marital counseling requirement has been fulfilled through another professional Christian counselor. In addition, you will need to schedule 1-2 meetings with the pastor performing the ceremony, to discuss details of your wedding.
  3. Pastoral fees customarily run $250, to be paid to the minister at your first planning meeting. Make checks payable to the pastor performing your ceremony.
  4. Please note: If the wedding ceremony will take place at The Crossing, additional fees will apply. Please ask for a copy of the Facilities Use Policy and Agreement.

Wedding Day Information
Please note that weddings can only be scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays before 3pm.

Rehearsal Information
Please note that rehearsal dates can only be scheduled on Thursdays or Fridays before 2pm.

If you indicated 'Wedding will be Off-Campus' above, please state wedding location.

  Bride's Information  

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  Groom's Information  

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